Chloe - F1 Standard

Chloe has produced some wonderful and very loving puppies that are very athletic, friendly, intelligent and best of all non-shedding.  We enjoyed having Chloe as our foundation dog and value the friendship we have gained from the families that have her pups.  Chloe retired in 2012 and she lives right here on the lake with us so she can teach her Grandbabies how to be gentle and calm.
Scarlett is the daughter of Chloe and Rhett.  An F1B that is gracious, intelligent, loving, and absolutely stunning!  She produced some incredible babies with us over the last couple of years and we love all the precious stories that come from the families that own one of her babies. We are very proud of Scarlett for producing 4 Service Dogs working in our community.
Scarlett - F1B Blonde - RETIRED
Gem - Small Standard Poodle - RETIRED

Four beautiful litters from this girl.  She produced a few service dogs and no telling how many therapy dogs we have from her.  Just a beautiful addition and some very smart babies.
Gabbi is the daughter of Chloe & Patch.  She weighs 37 pounds and is 15 inches tall.  Gabbi, among all other Chloe puppies are very smart and have a very loving personality.  Gabbi is the mother of Mystie.
Scout is a beautiful Standard English F1B.  She is one of the friendliest dogs I know and has a very sweet personality.  She produced a wonderful litter for us here @ Suwanee Goldendoodles and we were glad that we had the opportunity to make her one of our proud Moms.  Scout has lived outside our home in Roswell, GA visiting frequently and will continue to visit frequently because she has become so much part of our Doodle family.
Scout - F1B English Cream  - RETIRED 
Ruby - F1B Merle - RETIRED
Ruby is the daughter of Chloe and Patch.  Her interesting color is very rare in the Goldendoodle breed and comes from her father's chocolate merle coloring.  Ruby loves life, is very sweet.  She retired after having a few litters with us and they are all beautiful!  Ruby was used exclusively for Suwanee Goldendoodles and none of her puppies had breeding rights.

Lindy - F3 Medium - RETIRED

Two beautiful litters, of multigens were enough for this beauty.  She is ready to move on to begin working with the Reading program and some therapy work.  42 lbs of an incredible love, we will definitely miss this girl!  She does have a daughter Emma that we held back for future breedings.
Emma - Multigen Goldendoodle

Emma is the daughter of Lindy and Rocky.  She is the granddaughter of Scarlett and Tucker and the great granddaughter of Finnegan and Chloe. She is a wonderful multigen that will produce multigen's as well.  She has a beautiful temperament, is very sweet and loves to play.

Emma's testing is the following:  
Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal
Cardiac - Normal
Patellas - Normal
vWd - Clear parentage
GR-pra1 - Clear
GR-pra2 - Clear
DM - Clear
Curl  -/-
Weight - 52 lbs
Height - 22 inches

All of Emma's puppies will be apricot and cream, will be a wavy non-shedding coat.  There will be no super curly dogs in this litter.
Gabbi - F1B Merle Goldendoodle - RETIRED
Addi - Small Standard Poodle - RETIRED

Two beautiful litters from this girl.  Adeline produced the most amazing temperaments in her puppies.  They have a big heart and a soft coat wavy coat. 
Josie - Small Standard F1 Goldendoode - RETIRED

Just one amazing litter from this girl.  Our multigen line will continue with Josie and Abraham from a male name Moses.  He's a handsome fellow you will see a few years from now.  What a beautiful addition to our program.
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